Tuesday, March 3, 2009

things I have said to friends during arguments

(subtitled: why i'll probably die alone)

"if you can't tolerate someone having an opinion and expressing it, you need more self esteem."

"if its true that you constantly go home and cry because of something i say, why is this the first i ever hear about it?"

"...and you can't say i haven't tried my best, because i was trying months before you even noticed there was a problem."

"i'm not asking you to cater to what i want. i'm laying down the ground rules for being my friend."

" i'm sure shouting at him through the floor is probably the best way to handle that situation"

"and while we're talking about growing and changing, maybe you could not stab someone just for trying to tell you that they are upset. that someone being me."

"i just say the things you're thinking, and you know it."

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