Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ways i have attempted to get the neighbors daschund to shut the hell up

  • glared at it out the window
  • opened the back door and yelled at it
  • stood on the porch and yelled at it
  • stood on the other side of the fence and yelled at it
  • tried to bribe it with organic lamb and chicken treats through the fence
  • tried to bribe it by throwing organic lamb and chicken treats in the yard
  • threatened to tell its father
  • threatened to call the dog pound
  • threatened to roast it on a tiny spit
  • showed it the cookbook from which i will get the recipe for daschund stew
  • cried


  1. You should add some ginger to the daschund stew. Did you really yell at it?

  2. i actually did the first 8 things on that list. there's nothing like trying to bargain with a small dog through a privacy fence.