Sunday, May 17, 2009

its always in the last place you look

~needs world's tiniest screwdriver~

~has world's tiniest screwdriver somewhere in the house~

~searches everywhere that world's tiniest screwdriver should be~

~does not find it~

~searches in places it is not likely to be, but could possibly have been misplaced in~

~does not find it~

~begins to search in places you would not normally put a tiny screwdriver: under the bathroom sink, sewing basket, silverwear chest, undewear drawer~

~does not find it~

~gives up looking, decides to try using the edge of a pair of tweezers~

~on way back out to garage, spots world's tiniest screwdriver hanging out in our key bowl by the mail~



~loosens world's tiniest screw with world's tiniest screwdriver~

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