Sunday, December 27, 2009

thrifty fun

yesterday i went on the hunt for a cheap leather jacket that i could re-purpose into some craft projects. i went to the south side to visit the arc, a local thrift store similar to goodwill. i found some awesome deals!

first things first - i found a full length suede leather coat right off the bat, $7!

after that i wandered into the domestics sections, and scored 2 yards of this amazing woven wool fabric from pendleton.

and compared to the $54/yard pricetag on line, i think i did pretty well.

on the way back to the register, i wandered through the brick brack, and couldn't pass up a few small things.

this mug, which i want to turn into a pincushion similar to this.

and this little turtle. a pincushion as well, maybe?

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