Thursday, February 25, 2010

thursday afternoon roundup

misc things i find entertaining:

the next snuggie iteration.

oh, those funny hipsters.

conan pitches a new show

why i don't work out more.

where are you going?

yesterday our new toy arrived:

pete spent the afternoon installing it (and taking pictures so i could blog it. he's the best)

and then i got to do the fun part

all the pics of pete's hard work are over here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


pictures from the raptor center here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

la veta & cuchara

we took a winter drive down towards the spanish peaks, through the little towns of la vita and cuchara. the snow capped mountains were beautiful, and we took a short (and cold) walk at the turn off for the cordova pass road, which was snowed over.

lots more pictures here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

cold fishing day

even though we knew it would make for a cold day, we decided to go check out the fishing at our favorite spot in elevenmile canyon. we are tired of being cooped up inside, so we put on about 4 layers of clothes and headed out.

elevenmile canyon was beautiful. some parts of the stream were still completely frozen over with ice and thick layers of snow. (it was 32 degrees when we were driving through woodland park).

pete caught a lovely little rainbow trout, which i happened to get a picture of with my new camera:

harvey enjoyed himself despite the cold.

but after a short while we'd had enough. we scouted a few more spots, but nothing looked worth braving the weather. pete suggested a reconnaissance trip to the nearby "dream stream" section of the river. a drive over the mountain backroads took us into elevenmile state park, past the reservoir.

the dream stream is beautiful.

but COLD.

we tried our hand. but no luck. the cold and the wind were too brutal for us (but not harvey)

all in all, a fun (if chilly) day out. more pictures here.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

volunteering at the raptor center continues to be fun. besides feeding and cleaning the rat room, i helped some of the other volunteers with cleaning and watering the outside bird enclosures, and met some more of the birds. i've always loved owls, so i was thrilled to see one of the screech owls, elsa, was out and about. the great horned owls, guffy and aggie, were quite annoyed with our intrusion, and guffy closely monitored our cleaning activities. i learned some sage advice from one of the other volunteers - "never turn your back on an eagle." i promise next time i'll get some pictures!

sewing continues (slowly) on the quilt. i'm sewing the rows and sashing together.

and last, i'm so very very excited about this fabric that came in the mail.

jessica levitt - timber collection, from hawthorne threads.