Saturday, February 13, 2010

cold fishing day

even though we knew it would make for a cold day, we decided to go check out the fishing at our favorite spot in elevenmile canyon. we are tired of being cooped up inside, so we put on about 4 layers of clothes and headed out.

elevenmile canyon was beautiful. some parts of the stream were still completely frozen over with ice and thick layers of snow. (it was 32 degrees when we were driving through woodland park).

pete caught a lovely little rainbow trout, which i happened to get a picture of with my new camera:

harvey enjoyed himself despite the cold.

but after a short while we'd had enough. we scouted a few more spots, but nothing looked worth braving the weather. pete suggested a reconnaissance trip to the nearby "dream stream" section of the river. a drive over the mountain backroads took us into elevenmile state park, past the reservoir.

the dream stream is beautiful.

but COLD.

we tried our hand. but no luck. the cold and the wind were too brutal for us (but not harvey)

all in all, a fun (if chilly) day out. more pictures here.

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