Sunday, March 7, 2010

making fake bugs

happiness is finding another person who wants to spend a saturday afternoon organizing fish hooks.


so we like to fish. specifically fly fish. which requires flies.

it might not look like it, but that cup full of flies costs a lot of money. this little guy is $1.85.

which doesn't sound like much, until you think about the fact that my plan is to tie it to the smallest plastic thread i own, stand on a brushy river bank, and whip it at some fish hoping it gets eaten. lets just say they don't last too long.

so being the crafy, resourceful person i am, i decided to try to make my own. luckily for me, we already own a pile of supplies.

so after an hour or so of fussing with thread and feathers, re-reading tutorials, and watching youtube videos i came up with this.
he won't win any beauty contests, but he might just trick a fish.

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