Saturday, March 13, 2010


we spent yesterday fishing and scouting around the south park basin.

we started out in elevenmile canyon, but our favorite spot was taken, and the fishing was tough. we had heard there were some state wilderness areas near the small town of hartsel, so we thought it would be a good day for a drive.

on the way to hartsel we drove through wilkerson pass. after topping the hill the view opens up to the south park basin surrounded by snow capped mountains.
after finding hartsel, we took highway 9 north to fairplay, and found the entrance to the tomahawk state wildlife area (but the road was snowed over, and the river is still frozen. so we'll leave that one for another day). at fairplay we turned around and headed back to highway 24, but went a little farther west and found one of the access points for the badger basin swa, and drove to the antero reservoir.

after heading back into hartsel, we took highway 59 past the hartsel springs ranch and towards spinney reservoir. we found more swa access for spinney mountain ranch, and passed some interesting farms along the way.

(elk, llamas and maybe fallow deer?)

between spinney and elevenmile lakes we stopped for some late evening fishing and wildlife viewing.
herd of antelope grazing

bald eagle

finally, cold and tired we headed home. all in all a good day with some beautiful sites and some new potential fishing spots.

lots more pictures here.

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  1. Harvey continues to be the most photogenic dog ever.