Sunday, May 9, 2010

fair weather

another beautiful day, another adventure. i was leaning towards staying home, but pete lobbied successfully for a fishing trip up the arkansas. we packed a lunch, loaded up the car, and headed to on of our favorite spots.

the wind whipped through the canyon, and the flows weren't the best for this spot, so after and hour or so, we decided to move on. i had heard about a nearby stream, so we thought we would take a little scouting adventure. after some searching and arguing with the gps, we found our way to sand gulch road, a four wheel drive road through a wilderness area.

we stopped at a large boulder outcrop to eat lunch.

and then continued on. slowly.

after several miles, we decided to leave this hard trek for another day, and headed back to the arkansas for another shot at fishing. we stopped by our other favorite spot, and unmarked camping area. luckily, the fish were jumping, and we were in luck.

and when i got tired, i watched the bighorn sheep grazing on the hillside.

all in all, an excellent day. all the pictures are here.

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