Sunday, June 27, 2010

sunday morning on the lake

pete suggested an early morning trip out to pueblo lake, which turned out to be a great idea. the weather was beautiful, the lake was calm
and we had our favorite cove all to ourselves.

we rowed right up to this kingbird, who was singing in the trees

and past this cormorant sunning on a branch

and when i got tired of fishing, harvey and i lounged around the canoe

we managed to convince harvey to take a quick swim, and the jury is still out on whether or not he thinks that was a good idea

i think he prefers staying in the boat

more pictures HERE.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

brush hollow

friday afternoon we made the short drive to brush hollow reservoir, about 40 minutes west near penrose, co. its a small lake, but the no-wake policy made it sound canoe friendly. we put in at the small dirt boat ramp near the parking area on the east side. i managed to back the trailer in on the first try (~looks proud~). once we got on the lake, we found there were only a few other people out. we paddled a little ways up and then broke out the fishing rods. despite some noisy neighbors, we had a good time, and caught a few small fish (silver spinners were the big hit). my bluegill was the prettiest catch of the day, but pete caught the world's tiniest bass-it was about the same size as the lure.

we had our eye on some rain clouds, and kept close to the shore, but the wind rolled up on us pretty fast anyway. we found ourselves making a struggle back to the boat ramp ("i'm paddling, why aren't we going anywhere?!!") but managed to make it back without getting divorced. barely. ;)

more pictures HERE.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

...and bears, oh my!

a short camping trip, close to home

friday morning we drove about an hour south to the san isabel national forest and into the ophir creek area. (like all places in colorado, "ophir" seems to have many different pronunciations. oh-fear or ohfur. we spent the whole time trying to decide.)

we found a lovely dispersed campsite all to itself in an aspen grove.

it was only a short walk down to ophir creek, where we spent some time exploring

"fairy slipper" orchid

and relaxing

we drove the rest of ophir creek road that was open, and saw some beautiful sights

and on the way back by, near the beaver ponds, we spotted this guy

we spent a relaxing evening around camp, with burgers on the grill, and corn cooked in the campfire. and smores (which i was too busy eating to take a picture of).

harvey spotted some elk making their way past the camp. when they realized we were there, they took off in a hurry.

saturday morning we took one last drive before heading out, and spotted a whole herd of elk in the valley off gardner road.

more pictures of the trip HERE.