Monday, July 5, 2010


we spent most of our holiday weekend taking advantage of public parks.

friday morning we drove out to brush hollow reservoir to try out the new oars that pete bought for the canoe. turns out i'm a natural at rowing a boat.

saturday we took a hike in the pueblo mountain park near beulah, co. we took a familiar trail - northridge to devils canyon. lots of fun, and lots of great pictures along the way.

sunday we hiked the san carlos trail in the san isabel national forest. we stared at the CO78 trailhead and hiked 1.5 miles down to the st. charles river.

the hike was lovely

and the river was full of trout
we spent some time exploring the river

we had to do some scrambling to get downstream, but harvey was a trooper
harvey found this shortcut for the way back, though (which seemed a lot easier for him to squeeze through)

and sunday night we spent enjoying the neighborhood fireworks

lots and lots and lots more pictures here:
pueblo mtn park
san carlos trail

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