Friday, August 13, 2010

shooting stars

thursday night/friday morning we trekked out to see the perseid meteor shower, which was beautiful. pete pried me out of bed around 1 in the morning and we drove down into the san isabel national forest, to get away from the city lights. we used this site to find the best place to go.

we decided to go somewhere we knew, which was a hill top in the national forest on ophir creek road with a large open area for lots of sky to view. the stars on a regular night are beautiful. last night was amazing. we arrived around 2 in the morning, stretched out on the sleeping bag and watched meteors streak the sky for a little over an hour, before the cold and tired set in and we headed home. i lost count of how many meteors i saw, but it was probably at least 30. Definitely worth the late night trip.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

quilt progress

the top of my first quilt is done!

i owe a big thank you to janet, for helping to motivate me to work on this again.