Monday, September 6, 2010


~camping and fishing along the conejos river over labor day weekend~

we thought we would try someplace different this weekend, so we headed down south to the conejos river (spanish for "rabbits") in the rio grande national forest. the drive was about 3 hours, and took us almost to the new mexico border. we made a stop at conejos river anglers on the way in, and picked up some fishing flies and advice on where to go. we drove the road along the river (county road 17 and then forest road 250) and scouted out places to fish and camp. we fished a couple of sections above the lake fork campground, with no luck. but i did try out my new field guide.

after that, we headed back to the primitive camping area just above the pinnacles
to set up for the night.

when we got there, the campground was a little crowded.
but harvey cleared us out a space.

a cold night was followed by a cold morning, but pete made a nice fire while we waited for the sun to come up in the valley and dry the tent.

the area was very busy for the holiday weekend, and i believe hunting. i've never seen so many horse trailers, which i assume are packing hunters back into the woods for the start of muzzle-loader season.

on the way out we tried our luck with fishing a couple more times. no luck at one spot, but i did watch a very busy american dipper across the stream.

we stopped along CO17 at a private farm that allows angler access. i hooked a huge rainbow trout, but got excited and forgot everything i knew about fishing, and he flipped off about 5 feet from me.

lots more pictures here.

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