Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Snowfall Holiday
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

hiking buddy

piper is turning out to be a great little adventure dog. we took her to two of our favorite local areas for walks over the weekend.

friday we went to temple canyon park, outside canon city.

piper learned some valuable lessons about cacti, but she's a tough little dog. not even a whimper while i sat pulling cactus spines out of her feet and legs (i packed the tweezers, just in case). she also sat patiently while pete did some fishing. she's a great trail dog, always waiting for us to catch up if she's ahead.

saturday we went to the upper section of the beaver creek wildlife area. we took the trail along the creek, which has lots of opportunities to run and plan and jump over logs. piper hopped across the rocks at the stream crossing with no hesitation.

and she even sits still for a few pictures, just to humor me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


We'd like to introduce a new member to our family. Piper is a 10 week old border collie mix from Life Is Better Rescue in Denver. We saw her on, and after talking with her foster family this week, we decided to drive up to meet her yesterday. It was love at first sight.

All puppies are adorable, but she seems like the perfect fit for us. She's smart, curious, sweet, and active but calm. She slept on my lap for the whole drive home, and settled into the house really quickly. We can't wait for her to meet all our friends and family.

Monday, May 30, 2011


we spent the holiday weekend camping and hiking in the black canyon of the gunnison.

we drove to the black canyon of the gunnison national park on friday. we stopped in the town of gunnison to pick up firewood (berfields stage stop) and marshmallows (safeway) and made a quick swing through gene taylors outdoor store, where i scored a new daypack on clearance for $20. woot!

we chose the north rim of the park, hoping it would be less crowded. we found a nice campsite in the small campground, then took a short hike from the north rim ranger station to exclamation point. it was an easy walk with great views of the the evening, we drove the north rim road, checking out all the overlooks.
friday night was rough in the campground. people driving through (repeatedly) almost all night trying to find a spot, and some guy trying to set up camp on our picnic table around midnight. not much sleep.

saturday morning we got started bright and early.

this was by far the most difficult hike we've ever tackled. the park won't even call it a trail, they're all unmaintained "routes" into the inner canyon. the entrance to the route is just before the beginning of the campground loop, to the right of the road. seemed like this one is used a lot by climbers, who go down the trail and then climb the canyon wall ending up back in the campground.

we hiked the 1800 feet down to the river in about 2 hours, explored the canyon for a bit, and made the long, hard scramble back out in just under 3 hours. by the end, i felt the route was aptly named.

we had a much more peaceful night saturday, thankfully, and packed up and headed north through crawford and hotchkiss and back down to the blm gunnison conservation area. even though we could barely walk from the hike the day before, we were determined to tackle the duncan trail, which had kicked our butts the year before.

as we expected, it wasn't nearly as difficult as it seemed only a year ago. the first mile is easy, but the last half mile has almost all the elevation change (600 ft). even with the scree and loose rocks and occasionally confusing trail, we hobbled our way down in about 45 minutes.
brutal winds made for terrible fishing, but the canyon was still beautiful and peaceful. the trip out only took a little over an hour.

lots and lots more pictures HERE.

maps of the trails made with our new gps are HERE.

View Black Canyon of the Gunnision - 5/27/2011 in a larger map

Sunday, April 10, 2011


newlin creek trail
san isabel national forest
florence, co
5.4 miles (roundtrip)
1,400 feet elevation gain

this trail is in both our "southern front range trail guide" and the falcon guide "hiking colorado." it's a small trail that zig zags through the valley following (and frequently crossing) newlin creek.

there are interesting rock formations

small waterfalls

and at the end a meadow with an abandoned steam engine

pete tried to figure out how it worked
but i was more interested in the lichen

on the way back out, pete spent some time in search of some greenback cutthroat trout
(with no luck)
it was a fantastic hike, and one i think we'll do again

lots more pictures HERE!

Friday, April 1, 2011

spent the afternoon at the quilt show at the el pueblo museum, and the quilt and stitch expo at the convention center.

some beautiful examples of applique:

and hand quilting:
pinwheels, my favorite quilt pattern:
these extremely tiny hexagons fascinated me:
and a couple of quilts i know my friend janet would love:i couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up some vintage feed sack fabric:

Monday, January 3, 2011


now that the holidays are over, i thought i would share some of the christmas crafting i did.

first, jami's reading mitts

amy's reindeer hat

hats for my sisters and brother, to meet their requests

and finally, some christmas knitting for me!

first was a hat, knit while we were stranded in kansas, waiting for car repairs

a scarf to match the hat (knit while visiting friends)

and a pair of reading mitts for me
(knit christmas eve and christmas day, while visiting with family)