Sunday, November 13, 2011

hiking buddy

piper is turning out to be a great little adventure dog. we took her to two of our favorite local areas for walks over the weekend.

friday we went to temple canyon park, outside canon city.

piper learned some valuable lessons about cacti, but she's a tough little dog. not even a whimper while i sat pulling cactus spines out of her feet and legs (i packed the tweezers, just in case). she also sat patiently while pete did some fishing. she's a great trail dog, always waiting for us to catch up if she's ahead.

saturday we went to the upper section of the beaver creek wildlife area. we took the trail along the creek, which has lots of opportunities to run and plan and jump over logs. piper hopped across the rocks at the stream crossing with no hesitation.

and she even sits still for a few pictures, just to humor me.